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Torus Boards

Your Goal
1) The first number in the size pair, say, "9 x 3" is the number of rows (or columns) in the grid; the second - the number of sub-segments the square is divided into.
2) The easiest variant to play is the "4 x 2" grid (marked by the "duck"). The games of size "6 x 3", "8 x 4", and "9 x 3" (accompanied by the most serious predators) are probably the most difficult.
3) Download the desktop (or Android) version of the game for other variants.

Created, designed, and coded by Oscar Seurat. The difficulty icons have been obtained from
⚽  How To Play   ⚾ After scrambling the grid, click on a column, row, or a diagonal and drag it in one of the following directions: N(orth), S, E, W, NE, SE, SW, or NE. Perform such shifts until you have arrived at the the goal grid below.
A game example video and more detailed explanations for the Android app are here.